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A membership of skilled artisans joined together to preserve the tradition of durable, historic craftsmanship.



Guild members explain wood technology at a preservation show
"There's No Such Thing as a Craftsman...."
CRM Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 12, 1997
U.S. Department of Interior.

Dedicated to the preservation of standards in the restoration trades, the Guild of Fine Craftsmen and Artisans advocates the sharing of ideas and methodologies. Text and photos by Leland R. S. Torrence.

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THE GUILD of Fine Craftsmen and Artisans is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of quality and standards in the building and restoration trades. THE GUILD was founded in 1995 in response to an ever-widening gap between the traditional master craftsmen and the lack of skilled workers in the modern construction industry. The association advocates the sharing of ideas, methods and techniques to foster outstanding performance as the cornerstone to lives of independence, dignity and purpose.

Whereas the vast majority of preservation and historical organizations throughout the United States focus their attention on preserving the built environment, THE GUILD is distinct in its mission to preserve the craft technology and the career fields that make restoration and preservation of significant buildings possible.

Full membership is open to all craftsmen who meet and agree to uphold the stringent qualifying standards of THE GUILD. Members are accepted only after careful evaluation by other craftsmen of their work, ethical business practices and careful review of their references. Full members of THE GUILD exemplify superior skills, historical knowledge and outstanding performance of the highest caliber that the historic preservation community has come to expect. THE GUILD encourages all organizations and people interested in preservation and restoration to join our Affiliate membership who share a commitment to the goals and mission of THE GUILD and benefit from many services we have to offer.

THE GUILD of Fine Craftsmen and Artisans is the craftsmen's link to recognition, support and preservation of quality standards in our traditional craft heritage. As part of our mailing list, members receive timely trades and networking information and are invited to any lectures or functions we sponsor as well as listings of programs, workshops, events and educational opportunities offered by our partner organizations. Qualified members are invited to participate as certified educators and trainers, lecturers and contributing writers on preservation issues at GUILD and partner events and publications.

Goals include the introduction of traditional craft methodology and hands-on projects to young aspirants in the building and restoration trades, the continued education of professionals, a superior referral system between building managers and owners and the qualified tradesman, public awareness education as well as a support system for the small business owner.


Members of THE GUILD of Fine Craftsmen and Artisans are principal participants in many high profile restoration projects throughout the United States. As a nonprofit organization, THE GUILD does not perform restoration projects, but, through Referral Services, we coordinate the alliance between the skilled craftsman and the restoration project client in need.

THE GUILD has also cosponsored a number of events which involved subjects of how to find a skilled craftsman, small business administration, assistance, product comparison, materials performance and restoration clinics.

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